Guizhou Tyre makes the transportation on wheels safer!
● Special tread pattern design, higher traction on mining road ● Unique groove design, higher ability of self-clean without derit into it completely ● Extra deep pattern,longer service life ● Extra deep undertread designing makes belts and carcass get optimum protection when tire is running on mining road ● Superstrong patent chafer provides tire optimum carrying capacity and resistance to bead blowout
  • Pattern Tyre Size Ply Rating Load Index Speed Symbol Type Section Width (mm) Overall Diam. (mm) Infl. (psi) Max. Load (kg) Design Rim Width Tyre Valve Tread Depth(mm)
  • GL909A 12R22.5 18 S152/D149 F TL 300 1096 135 S3550/D3250 9.00 DR08 25.0