Guizhou Tyre makes the transportation on wheels safer!
1. Unique crown and sidewall reinforcement design ensures its resistance to cutting and scratching;
2. Wide and strong tread design and excellent elastic carcass design can provide the excellent traction, stability and controllability safety under a variety of road conditions;
3. Wide square tread design and excellent tread formula design provide excellent wear resistance and a longer service life.
  • Pattern 33.25R29 ★★ 209 B / 27.00/3.5 860 2060 45 18500 525 /
  • GLR06 Spec. Ply rating Load index Speed rating Measuring Rim Rim approved Inflatable section width (mm) Inflatable Outer Diameter (mm) Pattern depth (mm) Tire load (kg) Inflation pressure (kPa) Valve